Casa Corpului Didactic Dolj


The Regional Centre for Teachers’ Professional Development of Dolj County (CCD Dolj)is the main institution responsible for teachers professional development at Dolj county level, promoted by the Romanian Ministry of Education.
It is a center for organizing training programs for teachers and auxiliary teaching staff  in pre-university  education; a resource, innovation and expertise center in training of teachers and educational managers; an information-documentation and advice center for staff in pre-university education; a center for initiating and organizing scientific, methodological and cultural activities.
It provides:
- editing and distribution of publications and books;
- advice in management of personal and organizational development processes;
- methodological counselling for librarians and school documentary staff in pre-university education;
- educational marketing;
- training needs analysis, defining products and services offered (offer training programs), promotion and service delivery;
- database for human resources with trainer status in main areas (curriculum, assessment, management, etc.) for  school inspectors responsible for teachers’ lifelong learning, consultants and experts;
- leisure activities (thematic tours, summer schools, jubilee celebrations for institutions / personalities, traditional teacher meetings, professional exchanges, etc.);
- volunteering activities for in-service adults and retired professionals in education.
The Regional Centre for Teachers’ Professional Development of Dolj County is a member of Regional Agreement of South-West Region of Romania. Our staff has an excellent expertise in need analysis and identification of field of intervention on specific areas mainly concerning educational issues.


CCD Dolj will lead the 'Identification and analyss of target group needs' workpackage related to needs analysis in partner territories and identification of fields of intervention for subsequent training activities.
CCD Dolj will participate in all workpages developing, delivering and assessing outcomes of training programmes, contributing to dissemination and exploitation of results.


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